Poison Center


Poison Center 

     Telephone guidance for poisoning emergencies for public and professionals is provided, free of charge, by certified specialist in poison information. The specialist continues to follow up some cases to reassure callers. 

     Documentation of all cases using a high – tech computerized database, that help us in  detecting unusual hazards to prevent poisonings, by collaborating with other agencies to reformulate, repackage or ban unnecessarily hazardous products before victims are needlessly injured.

  By handling poison exposure cases over the phone at home, the Poison Information Center helps poisoned patients avoid the cost and stress of unnecessary emergency department visits and ambulance runs.

     Poison Center provides poisoning prevention through:

     A.  Social Media-based prevention tips

     B.  Workshops for students in different age 


     C.  Workshops for public 

     D.  Workshops for professionals especially 

                Pharmacy 1 team.

Please feel free to contact us as Poison Center 0790354789