Pharmacy one academy for training

Who are we ….

Pharmacy1 Academy is a training center that has been founded in 2013 in Amman –Jordan. We believe in rich, practical and life influential training experiences. Based on our health care background as trainers, we do trainings and workshops that would improve the quality of life, and overall health of employees. Healthy individuals lead happier lives, perform better and are more content at work.

We believe in openness to new ideas, respect for individuals and sharing knowledge.


We do trainings in the following areas:

  • Retail Pharmacy Management, for pharmacists.
  • Serving your internal and external customers, open for all businesses
  • Employee’s wellbeing.

Our people:

Our staff is special in every way. Since our courses are much more than lecturing, but very practical in nature, our staff is able to walk –the-walk as well as talk-the-talk. They are not only great trainers and facilitators but also they can coach and mentor participants to achieve their practical goals.

Our objective for the participant is to have the self confidence and commitment, and to be able to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned when they go back to their working environment.

We have an ongoing monitoring system to ensure that we continuously improve the quality and consistency of the delivered courses.

Our courses:

  • Retail pharmacy marketing.
  • Retail pharmacy management.
  • Health work balance.
  • Office ergonomics.
  • Present yourself as a professional.
  • Manage up.
  • Manage down.
  • Corporate culture.
  • Empower your people.
  • Serving your clients.
  • Serving your team.
  • Anxiety management.