DIC Services

Drug Information Center Services:

Creating a patient leaflet : 

That contains the drug constituent, simple mechanism of action, uses, contraindications, recommended dosages, & the drug side effects.

 Health Education Activity:

In Pharmacy One Drug Information Center we believe that the essence of good pharmacy practice is health education and awareness where our pharmacists have a big contribution in spreading awareness among different communities. Our staff is trained to perform awareness sessions about different topics tailored to variant audience needs such as public communities, office workers, companies, NGOs & school students) 

  We implement our mission by conducting awareness lectures and campaigns about different topics i.e. diabetes, hypertension, safe use of vitamins, maternity and kids health. In addition to that  we issue many awareness publications such as booklets, brochures and health articles in different magazines , websites and social media channels  to spread our massage and to increase health awareness about diseases and safe use of medications. 

 First Aid refill

We prepare first aid kits to different places based on their needs and number of beneficiaries, our first aid kits contain the necessary products based on the practice – manufactory, office, gym, schools, houses…etc…

     It also provided with a first aid booklet from pharmacy one in both languages Arabic and English.

     We are also a certified entity to refill airplanes first aid and doctor kits based on the part and serial numbers of the kits.

  Organize your medicine cabinet        

We provide organize your medicine cabinet service where you get to bring all the medications that you have and we will separate the expired from the valid medications and make sure that all of your medications carry a label that state the instructions for use as well as the indication.

 Pharmaceutical Care service:

It is a Pharmacy-based disease management service in which we provide innovative and high quality pharmacy services aims to help patients to advance their health status and produce a better quality of life by increasing their health awareness.